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LASER 2D-3D Inc. was founded in 1995 to develop the concept of a unique and patented system of digitization. The creator and president of Laser 2D-3D, an architect by profession, drew on the idea of Telemetric Special Data Recorder (TSDR) when he encountered several pitfalls when trying to measure buildings with traditional methods.

Parts of buildings made up of angles, curves and changes in levels made measurement-taking costly, difficult and sometimes even impossible with the traditional tools and methods available at the time. When data collected manually was transferred to graphics software, not only was it not cost efficient but the differences between the actual building and the computerized rendering became very obvious.

The idea of combining graphics software with a system incorporating laser and computer technology led to the development of precise measuring equipment and related services which can be adapted to a vast array of applications.

In use in the field since 1995, Laser 2D-3D has developed four generations of our TSDR, each one more sophisticated than its predecessor. With assistance from both the federal and provincial governments, Laser 2D-3D has passed through all the stages of developing and perfecting its know-how in making these devices increasingly efficient.

The growth of the company is the logical consequence of being able to offer the highest quality products and services. By creating and testing the first system and adapting it as a result of experience in the field, our specialists have constantly improved the technology to the point where we now enjoy equipment that is more accurate, ergonomic and easier to use.