What are the advantages of being able to digitize a building with Laser 2D-3D ? You will :
  • Know the exact dimensions of the building
  • Be able to calculate the area of the premises
  • Create a data base linked to the plans
  • Have updated plans available for possible repairs
  • Be able to reorganize work areas
  • Plan evacuation routes
  • Plan equipment layout on new installation or upgrade projects
LASER 2D-3D inc. is a company specializing in the area of building digitization. Our team has perfected a patented, best-in-class, digitization system that is unique in the world. This innovative laser technology simultaneously measures and draws directly onto the computer reducing manual input to a minimum thus providing significantly increased accuracy in the most cost efficient way possible.

The LASER 2D-3D system was developed to digitize buildings rapidly and accurately, regardless of the geometrical complexity of their architecture. In brief, the system is able to digitize everything that is visible.

The system can reproduce the existing interior and exterior elements of a building, such as walls and partitions, doors and windows, furnishings, ceiling elements and so on. By means of a computer built into the system, the rendering of the building takes shape on the screen in real time.